Tilapia Vs Salmon Nutrition

Tilapia Vs Salmon Nutrition

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Tilapia Vs Salmon Nutrition. Winding back to tilapia tilapia also has omega-3 fatty acids but at much lower levels. Protein 45 g--Calories in Tilapia.

Salmon Salmon Chinook Rainbow Trout
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Live Healthy Happy. 125 Mercury levels parts per billion. Sea food is not only caught wild but is also raised in farms and also imported from all over the world.

Tilapia is high in vitamin B12 which helps your body make DNA maintain its nervous system and produce red blood cells.

Total Fat 14 g. Plus salmon just tastes better. Be sure you are still getting your omega-3s somewhere else though other seafood supplements. Why is Tilapia raw better than Atlantic Salmon raw.